Solid "skills" acquired in the long history

High functional specialty papers in pursuit of paper making "skills" have always been there around you-cigarettes as familiar articles of taste, dictionaries and specialized books passing down tradition and culture, lists of stipulations and the accompanying sheets of medicines necessary to be preserved long, processing base paper necessary for manufacturing of industrial products, wrapping papers to protect special products, etc. We are contributing to bring appropriate "functions" to respective papers as usage. We will continue to master paper making "skills" and to pursue life-enriching "product making" by focusing on the experiences and new technology.

"Trust" gained with a wide range of marketed products

Cigarette paper, India paper commonly used for dictionary, back carbonizing base paper used for courier delivery slip, lightweight coated paper used for direct mail.... We have introduced a wide range of products in the thin paper market and had a variety selection of high-specialty products. Each of our products has gained strong support from our customers and there are many products that have the biggest market shares.

Product development aiming to have thinness and opacity at the same time

Our long acquired technology of manufacturing thinner and lighter paper with high opacity matches the needs for postage to be reduced for direct mails or lists of stipulations, and meets the demand for natural resources to be saved. This technology has attracted the attention from all kinds of costumers. This technology enables a weight saving of papers even with the increase of pages and information volume. Moreover, we have pioneered the development of thin high-bulk paper. We will respond continuously to more sophisticated needs than at present.


Development based on the remarkable papermaking technology

Adding some extra functions to papers to exceed the existing paper category by making use of the technology proven for over 120 years — this is what we have worked on.
Wood pulp, nonwood pulp, cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber, and synthetic pulp...any combination of material is available in use. In addition to the latest technology, we also have diversified processing methods such as impregnation technique, coating, thermal processing, and embossing, etc. Taking advantage of these technologies and adding new functions, we now respond adequately to the high level of customers' requests on the stability and security of products, based on our "customer creed" policy.
For example, in 1976, we worked together with a major cosmetic company and successfully pioneered in marketing a face powder paper closely related to women. Our excellent papermaking and coating technologies allowed an ultrathin base to be coated with face powder. In the cosmetic paper category, the face oil blotting paper has been supported over the years.

New application actively developed in the state-of-the-art field

Water-soluble paper, which dissolves quickly in both cold and warm water and which has no adverse effect on water environment, is a representative product in many functional products. It has been used in a wide range of fields including medicine, construction, agriculture and gardening. As it is appropriate for preventing personal or confidential information from leaking out, the water-soluble paper developed for inkjet printer and PPC copy machine attracts attention in the market. Besides, we are developing new functional products and suggesting their applications for the wider range of industrial fields, such as energy and building material.