Product selection in clear distinction
from mass production and mass sales

Thin printing paper

  • Bible paper (dictionary, the compendium of laws, high-grade book)
  • Paper for lists of stipulations (insurance policy leaflet, financial and securities agreement document)
  • Paper for statement of virtues (attached paper of medicine)
  • Bulky paper (book, specialized book, study book, textbook)
  • Ultra-lightweight coated printing paper (catalog, pamphlet, direct mail, manual)

Copy paper

  • Back carbonizing base paper (voucher, courier delivery slip)

Transparent paper

  • Glassine paper (pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging)

Cigarette-related paper

  • Cigarette paper
  • Filter plug wrapping paper
  • Filter tipping paper

Processing base paper

  • Releasing base paper-direct silicon processing paper
  • Waxed base paper-processing base paper for food packaging